Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC) is a pioneer in nano and advanced technology research in Sri Lanka. Our research is primarily focused on six areas – namely; sustainable agriculture, smart textiles, printable electronics and sensors, energy, minerals and composites as well as medical diagnosis and preventive medicine. SLINTEC is the first public-private research institute in Sri Lanka, and we’re proud to have made significant progress in being a change catalyst in the field of science for over a decade.

We’ve focused all our resources to create technologies that will solve many pressing problems in emerging nations such as Sri Lanka. These problems may include, but aren’t limited to, affordable food security, affordable and clean energy, safe drinking water, sustainable economic development, and, more recently, detection and prevention of COVID-19 infections. In aligning with our founding mission, we’ve dedicated all our resources to find innovative and internationally competing solutions to these issues.

It is our aim to build a futuristic nanotechnology and science park with advanced facilities to support all interested stakeholders to pursue their research & development. We will provide all our clients with experienced and competent research personnel along with the right tools to help design and develop something of great value. While our primarily focus was on nano and advanced technologies, we’ve expanded our research portfolio to include synthetic organic chemistry & nutraceuticals.

With the expertise and success that we’ve already gained, we wish to embark on new areas of research that are relevant to the development of the industrial base in Sri Lanka within an internationally competitive landscape.


“Inventions Beyond the Horizon”
We want to play our part in the advancement of nanotechnology research and development. We hope to bring great minds and great technologies together in our pursuit to discover and develop products that change the way we live.


Build a world-class research and development center specialising in nanotechnology and advanced technology.

  • Make products more competitive using nano and advanced technologies.
  • Add value to Sri Lanka’s mineral resources by showcasing the benefits of coupling minerals with nanotechnology.

Build a nanotechnology and science park for research, development, and commercialisation.



Setting up temporary laboratories and starting research activities


3 Patents filed


5 Patents filed; Concept design for the Park


First international patent sale – International Partner


3 Patents filed.

Opening of the Nanotechnology Center for Excellence at the Park & first royalty payment.


Construction of the Technology Incubation Center (TIC)


2 Patents filed; First pilot plant  operations; purchased second set of Lab equipment


2 Patents filed; Sale of second patent to Local Partner; Formation of the Synthetic Chemistry program; First tenant to the TIC; Granted license to Textured Jersey ( now TeeJay)


Design started for the second phase of the laboratories; First tenant to the park (Pharmaceutical); Opening of Greenhouse


Foundation ceremony for second building

Formed first spin-off company Ceylon Graphene Technologies PVT LTD

Agreement to launch first Nano product


Launch of T-hues, a natural tea-waste-based dye with partner Dynawash

Launch of SLINTEC Startup Engine

Completion of construction of Gatehouse with Canteen Building

Launch of graphene-enhanced automobile batteries developed by Ceylon Graphene Technologies


SLINTEC takes initiative to mitigate the 2020 coronavirus outbreak in Sri Lanka by installing air sterilization units inside CMB BIA airport

Launch of nanotech-based DNA extraction kit co-developed with MagGenome

Mass production of the world’s first graphene-enhanced lead-acid battery in Sri Lanka by Ceylon Graphene Technologies

Development of COVID-19 related home-grown technologies including SLINTEC Swabs®, SLINTEC Sterile and SLINTEC LAMP™

Launch of Sri Lanka’s first ever antibacterial stationery collection co-developed with Atlas


Launch of BreathTech S3 – The world’s first sustainably-designed smart face mask

Launch of SLINTEC-Multilac NOVID® antiviral antibacterial spray