• Fully Equipped Wet Chemical Laboratories x 2 (2,500 sq ft)
  • Polymer Characterization Laboratory (750 sq ft)
  • Molecular Recognition Laboratory
  • Equipment: NMR, LC-MS, GC-MS
  • Synthetic and Bioorganic Laboratory
  • Synthetic and Medical Laboratory
  • Thermal Analysis Laboratory (400 sq ft)
  • All thermal characterization experiments are performed in this facility with the use of following equipment: TGA, DSC, and DMA.
  • Electron Microscopy Laboratory (1,500 sq ft)
  • Equipment used in this laboratory as follows: TEM, SEM, XPS and, SPM
  • Material Characterization Laboratory (800 sq ft)
  • Oven Room
  • Oven room is facilitated with following equipment: Muffel Furnace, Vertical Tube Furnace, Horizontal Rotary Furnace, Vacuum Drying Oven, -200 C, -800 C, and Freezers
  • Electronic Laboratory (300 sq ft)
  • Smart Textile Laboratory (700 sq ft)
  • Soundproof Area (400 sq ft) This area is used for all the ultrasonic devices and noisy equipments.
  • Clean Room Facility (1,200 sq ft)- Class 1000
  • Technological Incubation Center
  • QC Laboratory (250 sq ft)
  • API plant (1,200 sq ft)
  • BioLab (2,000 sq ft)

Electron Microscope Lab

Molecular Recognition Lab

Nano Characterization Lab

Oven Room

Synthetic and Medicinal Organic Lab

Wet Chemical Lab