The Official launch of the BreathTech-S3 smart face mask was ceremonially held on the 19th of July at The Sports Council Auditorium under the patronage of Minister of Youth & Sports and State Minister of Digital Technology and Enterprise Development; Hon. Namal Rajapaksa M.P.
In a pioneering initiative to battle against COVID-19, Multilac Care together with the Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC) recently launched Sri Lanka’s first ever Antiviral and Antibacterial Spray. The new NOVID antiviral and antibacterial spray is the first of its kind to be launched in Sri Lanka that kills 99% of coronavirus.
In an ideal combination of apparel manufacturing and technological expertise Hirdaramani Group has partnered with the Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC) and CirQ Technologies to develop BreathTech-S3—a truly sustainable and safe mask for consumers. It is the world’s first sustainably designed smart face mask to use respiration sensor technology.
Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology Pvt Ltd (SLINTEC) and Codegen International Pvt Ltd (CODEGEN) has signed an agreement to conduct research to develop an all-iron flow battery for domestic renewable energy storage applications. The research phase of the project commenced on the 1st of October 2020 and is set to conclude in January 2021.
Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology Pvt Ltd (SLINTEC) and Ceylon Graphene Technologies Pvt Ltd (CGTL) has signed an agreement to conduct research on Electrode based Graphene Biosensors for COVID-19 detection. With the high demand for Covid 19 detection kits, CGTL has partnered with SLINTEC to develop an Innovative solution.

SLINTEC is a public-private partnership between the Government of Sri Lanka and major players in the private sector. Ceylon Graphene Technologies Pvt Ltd (CGTL), a pin-off company of SLINTEC, was established in June 2018 as the first Graphene and Advanced material company in Sri Lanka.

SLINTEC became a member of Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) of Brussels, Belgium. NIA is the sector-independent, responsible voice for the industrial nanotechnologies supply chains. NIA supports the ongoing innovation and commercialisation of the next generation of technologies and promotes their safe and reliable advancement.

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Sri Lanka's first ever antibacterial stationary collection, result of a collaboration between Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC) and Atlas, was unveiled on the 18th September at the Colombo International Book Fair. The event was attended by Asitha Samaraweera (Managing Director, Atlas), Dr. Azeez Mubarak (Chief of Research and Innovation, SLINTEC), Dr. Sanjeewa Wijesinghe (Senior Research Scientist, SLINTEC), Dr. Rangika De Silva (Head of Technology Transfer, SLINTEC), and a number of executives from Atlas.

The stationary range, which has an antibacterial efficacy of 99.9%, is based on SLINTEC Sterile, a technology developed by SLINTEC initially as a transparent antimicrobial coating. 

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