SLINTEC Building Structure 1500x110-04

Ready-To-Go Technologies

Slow Release Nano Fertilizer

Ceylon cinnamon formulation as a nutraceutical

Herbal Face Mask

Development of phosphate fertilizer from Eppawala rock phosphate

Abrasion resistance coating to protect prints on slippers

Formulating a novel herbicide using 95% pure pelargonic acid

Honey-impregnated biopolymeric wound dressing material

Modified Test Kit for Comprehensive N, P, and K Analysis

Development of a self-cleaning hydrophobic paint

Fabric Softener

Self-watering pot

Seed card

Nano-S Fungicide

Hydrophobic Glass coating

Sustainable Packaging Materials

Cosmetic Nano emulsions

Virgin Coconut Oil Products

Oil Water Separation Technologies

Graphene Nano Platelets

Water Filtration Technologies


Vege Wash