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Patent-based technologies

Respiratory detection smart mask sensor

SLINTEC has developed an ultra-thin and flexible sensor specifically designed to track users’ respiration and mask filter usage.

Facial masks worn to protect against particulates, air pollution, bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds commonly found in the home, gases, and many other environmental toxins, become ineffective and dangerous to continue using after the recommended usage time.

The smart mask sensor collects user respiration data and seamlessly pairs to the user’s personal, or company-issued, mobile device.

Textile/ Fabric

With the help of nanotechnology SLINTEC has developed new fabrics and treating methods to improve the properties of fabrics. The inventions include, moisture management fabrics, anti-odour fabrics and near IR absorbing textile.

Advanced Material

SLINTEC has been able to develop electronic components by coupling Nanotechnology with engineering expertise. Reinforced rubber composites have also been developed for solid tire applications. Moreover, hydrophobic fabric softener has been developed to provide additional stain protection to fabrics.

Nano Fertilizer

SLINTEC being the leading nanotechnology based research institute in Sri Lanka has innovated a number of slow-release and controlled-release fertilizers using nanotechnology. We aim to reduce environmental pollution and reduce the carbon footprint of fertilizers through sustainable Nano fertilizers.