LAMP-PCR kit developed by SLINTEC SLINTEC Sterile SLINTEC Sterile, the transparent antimicrobial coating developed by SLINTEC is now offered as a service. Order now Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology A place where science innovations and value additions take place. Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC) is a pioneer in nano and advanced technology based research and development. SLINTEC SLINTEC Technologies Wearable Strain Sensors Video courtesy of PLEXUS VR Strain sensors could be useful for the detection and monitoring of movement-based signals, such as heartbeat and respiration rate. Slintec has developed strain sensors with high stretchability that are capable of measuring linear resistivity at a low cost. SLINTEC Technologies Moisture Management Fabrics Moisture management is rapidly changing the activewear garment industry. SLINTEC hopes to use the latest technology in smart textiles and moisture management to create fabrics that are truly astounding. SLINTEC Technologies Slow-release fertilizer SLINTEC is a leading research body in the synthesis of environmentally benign and biocompatible nanoparticles that can be released in a controlled manner for use as a nanofertilizer. SLINTEC Technologies XPS Instrument Our new Thermo Scientific XPS system has an ultra-modern surface analysis technique and is the perfect tool to identify and quantify different chemical states. It has fast parallel imaging (XPI) and can produce high-resolution XPS chemical images. SLINTEC Technologies Spinnable Carbon nanotubes SLINTEC is a leading giant in the nanotechnology research and development sector. Spinnable carbon nanotubes are revolutionizing industries, giving new insights on how we can approach problems and discover new solutions.



SLINTEC has the latest advanced equipment and one of the best facilities in Sri Lanka to conduct research into innovative technology, helping businesses benefit from research solutions.
SLINTEC is your best choice when looking for a suitable space to conduct modern research & development projects.
SLINTEC hopes to give entrepreneurs the facilities and expertise to help bring their ideas to life.
We offer a wide range of material characterization and laboratory analysis for universities, research institutions, and various industry sectors.



Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology Pvt Ltd (SLINTEC) and Codegen International Pvt Ltd (CODEGEN) has signed an agreement to conduct research to develop an all-iron flow battery for domestic renewable energy storage applications. The research phase of the project commenced on the 1st of October 2020 and is set to conclude in January 2021.
Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology Pvt Ltd (SLINTEC) and Ceylon Graphene Technologies Pvt Ltd (CGTL) has signed an agreement to conduct research on Electrode based Graphene Biosensors for COVID-19 detection. With the high demand for Covid 19 detection kits, CGTL has partnered with SLINTEC to develop an Innovative solution.

SLINTEC is a public-private partnership between the Government of Sri Lanka and major players in the private sector. Ceylon Graphene Technologies Pvt Ltd (CGTL), a pin-off company of SLINTEC, was established in June 2018 as the first Graphene and Advanced material company in Sri Lanka.

SLINTEC became a member of Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) of Brussels, Belgium. NIA is the sector-independent, responsible voice for the industrial nanotechnologies supply chains. NIA supports the ongoing innovation and commercialisation of the next generation of technologies and promotes their safe and reliable advancement.

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