Contract Research

Contract Research | Outsource your R&D to SLINTEC

Our business model allows us to seamlessly partner with clients, extending our expertise and dedicated R&D teams to help our clients design and test prototypes. After the basic formalities, such as the non-disclosure agreement (NDA), are completed, a team of SLINTEC scientists will submit a research proposal along with a detailed budget, timelines and deliverables. After the terms and conditions of the project have been agreed on, SLINTEC will sign an agreement with the client. The project will be continuously reviewed by both parties throughout the research phase. After the successful completion of research phase, project will proceed to the development stage followed by commercialization.

SLINTEC is one of the largest and most diversified research organisations in Sri Lanka. We have the latest advanced equipment and one of the best facilities in Sri Lanka to conduct research into innovative technologies, helping business benefit from research solutions.

SLINTEC Research Platform Model

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