Sustainable Agriculture

As a country that thrives on its agriculture, we consider it is our duty to support and contribute technological advancement to our agricultural sector. As one of Sri Lanka’s leading research and development centers, we are proud to say that our team is at the forefront of researching and developing products that can improve the lives of people. From self-watering pots to nanofertilizers, we are hoping to improve agriculture and reduce the impact that modern practices have on the environment. We are conducting research on methods to improve soil fertility using plant amendments incorporated with nanomaterials or nano-clays and are in the midst of developing advanced seed coatings to combat the effect of modern fertilizers. Our team of experts is looking to improve agriculture, the impact it has on the environment and to help Sri Lanka improve in its agricultural pursuits.

Slow-release fertilizers

Slow release of chemicals has been widely applied for drug delivery, little work has been done on using this general nanotechnology-based principle for delivering nutrients to crops. In developing countries, the cost of fertilizers can be significant and is often the limiting factor for food supply. Thus, it is important to develop technologies that minimize the cost of fertilizers through efficient and targeted delivery. SLINTEC has reduced the high solubility of urea molecules by incorporating it into a matrix of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles. 

Nano fungicidal formulations

SLINTEC has used nanotechnology to develop an environmentally friendly, low toxic fungicide and weedicide as a technological response to the ever-increasing complexities in managing diseases and pathogens in crops. We’ve successfully completed field level trials and are in the process of developing it for large scale commercial deployment.

Soil remediation and rehabilitation

SLINTEC is working on increasing soil fertility by incorporating plant material with nano-clays. Our aim is to retain carbon for a much longer time within the soil, thereby improving agricultural land. We’ve carried out a soil incubation study to evaluate how improved plant amendments affect organic carbon, active carbon, mineralizable nitrogen content affect soil fertility.

Seed Coatings

SLINTEC is in the middle of developing an advanced seed coating with properties to overcome the negative effects of fertilizers. As the nutrient provider during the growth of a plant, the seed coatings have the ability to significantly improve the crop yield.

Biochar attached microbial communities for N fixation and P solubilisation

“Biochar attached microbial communities” is a new bio-fertiliser formulation that can be used in fixing atmospheric nitrogen and to solubilise mineral phosphate.

• Provides both organic N and P to the soil.
• Biochar ensures product efficacy in the long run and increases the universality of application sites.

Nano-clay embedded organic amendment

Common organic amendments are short-lived due to high decomposition and are mineralized within few months.

Product components – Nanoclay, dried gliricedia leaves and bark. Pelletized using hydraulic pressure.

NPK soil test kit for precision farming

Through a rapid, fool-proof and simple method it is possible to supplement the soil with exactly required nutrient content. SLINTEC has replicated exact N,P,K, pH test standard in micro scale liquid volumes through a microfluidic device. The product contains a reaction cell and regent capillary for repeated use.

Peptide based plant bio-stimulants

• Improves crop production
• Increases the stress tolerance
• Enhances nutrient user efficiency
• Improves Anti bacterial/fungal resistance

Nano-Sulfur-based fungicide

SLINTEC has introduced a novel strategy to prepare self dispersing nanosulfur products with efficient fungicidal effects at low dose rates — a self dispersing nanosulfur solution based on polysulfide concentrate. Product can be diluted in solutions with or without adjuvants to form solutions that can be directly applied on target crops.

Bio-pesticides and bio-fungicides

Beauveria bassiana based wettable powder (WP) formulation as a bio-pesticide.

Trichoderma sp. based wettable powder (WP) formulation as a bio-fungicide.

Provides longer environmental persistence of active ingredient ensures product efficacy for a longer period. Facilitates prolong protection from environmental stress.

Microbial secondary metabolites based nano-emulsions (NEs)

• Organic formulation.
• NEs facilitate the efficient release of active ingredient than conventional emulsions and enhances the effectiveness of the formulation.
• NEs facilitate controlled release of active ingredient.
• The kinetic stability of NEs minimally affected by physical and chemical variations, including temperature and pH.