Patent NameFile YearObtained YearSubject AreaInternational/ Local
A process for preparation of carbon nanotubes from vein graphite2010AbandonedCarbon nanotubesInternational (US)
Compositions for sustained release of agricultural macronutrients and processes thereof20102013FertilizerInternational (US, MX, MY, AP)
Cellulose based sustained release macronutrient composition for fertilizer application20112013FertilizerInternational (US)
Process for making reinforcing elastomer-clay nanocomposites20112015Mineral/NanocompositesInternational (US)
Process for preparation of nanoparticles from magnetite ore20112019Nanoparticle synthesisInternational (US)
Composition and method for sustained release of agricultural macronutrients2010AbandonedFertilizerInternational (US)
Composition And Method For Sustained Release Of Agricultural Macronutrients (Flash Dried) (Second CIP)2013AbandonedFertilizerInternational (US)
Hydrophobic surface treatments compositions comprising titanium precursors2013AbandonedAdvanced surface coatingsInternational (US)
Moisture management fabrics2013PendingTextileInternational (US)
Near Infrared Absorbing Textile2015PendingTextileInternational (US)
Textile Material and Process for Obtaining the Same20152019TextileInternational (US)
A Method of Producing Ti from Titanium Oxides through Mg Vapour Reduction2016 (US)

2017 (PCT)

2019 (US, AU)

Pending ( JP, EP)

MineralsInternational (US)
for the synthesis of graphene oxide
2016 (US)

2017 (PCT)

2019 (US, AU, KR)

Pending ( JP, CA)

MineralsInternational (US)
Nanotechnology Based Sensor Unit2011PendingElectronicsLocal
A composition for stain and odour removal from bio-polymeric
fabrics and a process thereof
Natural textile dyeing2019PendingTextileLocal
Antimicrobial coating2019PendingTextileLocal

Technologies Developed - Transferred - Commercialized Details from 2008 – 2020

Name of the Technology DevelopedSubject AreaYear of Technology TransferTransferred to
Slow release Urea fertilizerAgriculture sector2013Nagarjuna Cooperation Limited, India
Advanced fabric softenerFabric softener for textiles, Garment and Apparel industries2015Textured Jersey
Hydrophobic coatingsWeather shield paints, Other paints2016LANKEM PLC
Macronutrients impregnated compost fertilizerMacronutrients impregnated compost fertilizer for soil remediation and agriculture related industries2017Sri Lanka Land Development and Cooperation
Moisture management fabricsSportswear apparel industry, Garment industry2017MAS Holdings
Graphene productionValue addition to local mineral Graphite, Electronics, Paint, Construction industries etc., Wide industrial applications2018LOLC and SLINTEC joint venture Ceylon Graphene Technologies Ltd.(CGTL)
Advanced gold therapy cosmeticsCosmetics, Beauty Culture2019British Cosmetics
Seed podReforestation, Agriculture, and Plantation industries2019Thuru
Tea-based natural dyingNatural dyes for apparel, eco-friendly and sustainable apparel dyeing2019 


Mask Sensor Sensor in mask for remote monitoring of patients, Healthcare industry, Apparel2020Hirdaramani Ltd.
Antibacterial book coverStationery and other industrial applications2020Atlas Axilia


 Healthcare, Laboratory testing, COVID 19 task force input2020Government of Sri Lanka
Graphene Lead Acid BatteryAutomobile manufacturing2020Ceylon Graphene


NOVID® Antiviral SprayAntibacterial and Antiviral Spray Coating2021Multilac