SLINTEC Sterile is a nanotechnology-based antimicrobial transparent coating which provides prolong protection. SLINTEC Sterile disinfects the microbes on the applied surface as well as in the surrounding air. This technology is tested and proven in SLINTEC and pilot study has been verified by a third party institute.

Product Specification  

  • Color – Transparent (Gloss / Matte)
  • Effectiveness of the coating on surfaces (ISO 22196:2011 /JIS Z 2801) – up to 99.99%
  • Effectiveness of the coating in the surrounding air (1/1/1 settle plate technique) – up to 99.99%
  • Mode of action: Attacks microbes by forming Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)
  • Abrasions rating (ASTM D968) (on plastics) – ~ 25
  • Efficacy: Last up to 6 months (may vary due to the ambient conditions)
  • Compatible surfaces- Plastic, glass, steel & wood

Offered Service

Disinfection will be done in two stages. First the premises will be disinfected by NaOCl/IPA to remove any existing contaminations. Then the NanoSterile will be applied on the possible surfaces to get a prolonged protection

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this a Sri Lankan product? Yes, it is an innovation of SLINTEC scientists’ and 100% Sri Lankan technology
  2. Is this a proven product? Yes, antimicrobial property of the product has been fully tested by SLINTEC in lab level and the pilot study (large scale study) has been performed in a star-grade hotel bed room, and verified by a third party government institute.
  3. Does this kill viruses? The active compounds are well known anti-viral compounds (including envelop structured viruses).
  4. Can we clean the coated surfaces with cleaning liquids? Yes. Coating would not be affected by regular household cleaning agents.
  5. Can the coating done as DIY? No.
  6. Is the coating effective under indoor lighting? Yes.