Awards & Achievements

Awards & Achievements

  • SLINTEC has filed for 15 patents, 13 of which are in the US and 2 in Sri Lanka.
  • 3 patents were sold to Nagarjuna Corporation Limited in India. (Received US$1.0 million)
  • Sold a patent to a local company as an outcome to a research project
  • Transferred a patent as part of the investment of a new shareholder
  • Published in excess of 100 papers in reputed local and international journals
  • Generating our first royalty revenue stream from successful research project with Textured Jersey (Rs. 7.8 million of Royalty income generated – Client benefit in excess of Rs 40 million)
  • British Cosmetics and Dynawash Commercialization
  • Development of COVID-19 related home-grown technologies including SLINTEC Swabs and SLINTEC Sterile


  • Created an endowment fund and raised Rs. 53.19mn. One platinum sponsor (25 million), one Gold Sponsor (15 million) one silver sponsor Rs. 5.0 million and eight contributors to the Brick for Science at Rs. 1.0 million each.

Brain Gain

  • Attracted 22 PhD qualified Sri Lankan scientists to relocate


  • Provided on the ground training for graduates moving on for higher education. Thus far we have seen more than 30 staff members move on to obtain PhD’s from highly recognized Universities in the West.
  • SLINTEC has been awarded Platinum Certification under “Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design” (LEED) for New Construction by U.S. Green Building Council on March 2015. LEED Certification identifies Nanotechnology Centre of Excellence as a showcase example of sustainable design.