Synthetic Biology

SLINTEC has an advanced and well-equipped Synthetic and Molecular Biology laboratory. While being a leader in the R&D sector, SLINTEC also provides its facilities to all of its clients. We provide you with the best research minds in the country as well as access to industry leaders around the world.

The major task of the synthetic biology field is to engineer living cells by performing genetic manipulations. These techniques are used to treat disease, sense toxic compounds in the environment, produce drugs, etc.

Under Synthetic and Molecular Biology, SLINTEC focuses on Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Cell Culture, Molecular Medicine, Virology, Agricultural Biotechnology, Soil Microbial Ecology, and Plant-Microbial Interactions. SLINTEC has the capability to develop diagnostic methods, including the design of test strips to detect various pathogenic diseases, such as cancer, by incorporating metal nanoparticles. In addition, we conduct studies on the development of drugs for viral diseases, biological approaches to produce natural drugs using alternative synthetic methods, etc. Further, agriculture is one of the key focus area of SLINTEC. The Institute has been engaged in various biotechnological improvements to enhance soil fertility, plant productivity and pest and disease related to agriculture.

We undertake research and provide analytical services in the following scientific techniques:

  • Quantitative Real-time PCR
  • Antibacterial Studies, Small To Medium Scale Bacterial Fermentation, Adhesion And Biofilm Assays And Cell Viability Studies
  • Peptide Synthesis