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Printed Electronics and Sensors

SLINTEC is an industry leader in developing graphene printing technology that can produce electronic circuits that are low-cost, flexible, highly conductive and water repellent.

Respiratory detection smart mask sensor

SLINTEC has developed an ultra-thin and flexible sensor specifically designed to track users’ respiration and mask filter usage.

Facial masks worn to protect against particulates, air pollution, bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds commonly found in the home, gases, and many other environmental toxins, become ineffective and dangerous to continue using after the recommended usage time.

The smart mask sensor collects user respiration data and seamlessly pairs to the user’s personal, or company issued, mobile device.

Wearable fall prediction and detection sensor for the elderly

SLINTEC is in the process of developing a wearable life-line assistance for elderly population, where it gives early warning to users as well as it notifies patient care services such as “1990 Suva Seriya” to monitor and provide personalized care-service to elderly population (over 60+ years).

The first phase of the project – development of a real-time movement tracking and fall detection sensor – has been completed, and, phase 2, which aims to develop a wearable device with printed graphene electrodes and flexible PCB that enables fall prediction and prevention, is underway.

Wearable Strain Sensors

SLINTEC has developed strain sensors with high stretchability that are capable of measuring linear resistivity at a low cost. The sensors can measure:

  • Bending of joints
  • Expansion of objects
  • Compression and impact of a substrate
  • Stretchability of an object

The sensors have applications in the sports, healthcare, and AR/VR industries.