“From research to economic wealth: science for society” – Talk by Professor Sir Mark Welland (University of Cambridge) @ the event Hype or Opportunity: The Evolution of New Technologies

Professor Sir Mark Welland from Cambridge University visits Sri Lanka to deliver the keynote speech in the event ”Hype or Opportunity: The Evolution of New Technologies”, which was jointly organized by Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology and  the Ministry of Science, Technology and Research. This event was held on 4th of April, 2019 at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.

Keynote speaker, Prof. Mark Welland is the Professor of Nanotechnology at the University of Cambridge and Head of the Nanoscience Centre. In the event he delivered an inspiring talk on “From research to economic wealth: science for society”. Prior to his talk, our Minster of Science, Technology and Research Sujeewa Senasinghe also delivered a speech.

The event was brought to an end with an interesting panel discussion hosted by the panelists Sri Mark Welland, Prof. Gehan Amarathunga (Professor of Engineering, University of Cambridge, Chief of Research and Innovation, SLINTEC), and Anushka Wijesinha (Advisor, Ministry of Development Strategies and International Trade).

To have an insight on what’s talked and discussed in the event please check the video shared in this URL.

Prof. Sir Mark Welland Visits SLINTEC

With the successful completion of the event, he paid a visit to Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology to meet the SLINTEC staff and to deliver a valuable speech.

Former CEO of SLINTEC, Mr. Harin presented him with a token of appreciation bringing it to an end.