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SLINTEC, Hirdaramani & CirQ Design Smart Face Mask

SLINTEC, Hirdaramani, & CirQ design smart face mask

In an ideal combination of apparel manufacturing and technological expertise Hirdaramani Group has partnered with the Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC) and CirQ Technologies to develop BreathTech-S3—a truly sustainable and safe mask for consumers. It is the world’s first sustainably designed smart face mask to use respiration sensor technology.
BreathTech-S3 is manufactured using a combination of sustainably sourced, natural and biodegradable materials, and features an advanced graphene-based sensor (patent pending) that measures breathing rate, mask fit, CO2 build up and mask usage, all of which are accessible via a secure mobile app.

“Thoughtful design and focus on quality sets this mask apart,” the Sri Lanka-headquartered company said in a media statement.

“Made with 100 per cent cellulose based and biodegradable materials, the mask has a truly sustainable footprint with the added benefit of responsible disposal instructions given in the app. The masks are manufactured in environmentally friendly factories and come in biodegradable packaging,” the statement added.

According to UN.Org, $166 billion was estimated to be spent on disposable masks in 2020 and 75 per cent of used masks and pandemic related waste end up in landfills and waterways – the environmental impact of the new mask culture is set to follow the course of single use plastic. The need to break this trend before it is too late is more important than ever.

The mask incorporates a highly efficient filtration layer and also features a fluid anti-bacterial barrier for added protection. With real time fit assessment alerts BreathTech-S3 minimises aerosol and droplet ingress as well as leakage for improved overall safety.

The propriety sensor is connected to the BreathTech-S3 mobile application that provides information and alerts including a notification if you forget to wear your mask. The sensing elements are made using graphene, a material that is sourced in Sri Lanka. “The sensor measures breathing rate, mask fit and CO2 build up and provides notifications via the app informing wearers of potential risk markers based on breathing rate, notifications to adjust mask for better fit and even a notification to breathe in some fresh air based on CO2 buildup levels within the mask. Reminders to wash mask and notifications when it’s time for disposal ensure wearers are always optimally protected. The server-less in-device computation on the mobile app guarantees data security,” Hirdaramani Group said.

Further, the sleek design of the mask with adjustable fit makes it a stylish choice for consumers. Available in 3 sizes and with a range of custom designs and prints, BreathTech-S3 provides ultimate style and comfort without compromising safety.

“As an apparel manufacturing company, we understand fit, style and comfort better than most, and the reality is that consumers want comfort and style along with safety. Another thing that truly matters to consumers today is sustainability and this goes to the heart of our own ethos as a manufacturer. Our ability to provide a combination of all the things that matter – safety, style and sustainability – to consumers in one product is what sets BreathTech-S3 apart,” said Aroon Hirdaramani, director, Hirdaramani Group.

The Hirdaramani Group has a strong track record in sustainable design and manufacturing, and maintaining world-class quality standards. With BreathTech-S3 incorporating real-time safety through the use of advanced technology, it is an added layer of confidence that brands can have in adopting this product into their portfolio.

The Group’s collaboration with SLINTEC and CirQ Technologies is closely aligned with its core values of ‘creating the future’ of apparel whilst ‘making things better’ for the environment and communities.

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