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SLINTEC charts new innovations to support country’s energy storage needs

With the world’s energy sector moving away from fossil fuels toward renewable energy sources and companies being challenged in addressing this transition in transformative ways, “energy storage” has become prominent in ensuring energy consistency for a country. 

Coming forward to help the Sri Lankan Government and local industries in deploying energy storage, the Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC) with its extensive expertise in research and development, is now focusing on looking at and designing varied approaches in energy storage for a range of industries across the country. 

SLINTEC’s strategic plan includes activities for scientific research and development to help enable the increased usage of renewable electricity. The overall mission is to facilitate the development, implementation and integration of energy-storage technologies, to optimize the energy efficiency of all kinds of energy systems and to enable the increasing use of renewable energy instead of fossil fuels.

With the global demand for power estimated to grow by 50% by 2040, making it imperative that energy is affordable, SLINTEC is well-placed to be the catalyst that will play a leading role in the country in making the nations electric grid more secure and resilient, industries more sustainable and help manufacturers reduce waste…