SLINTEC Academy: Boon to Sri Lankan post graduate degree seekers in cutting edge technology

Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology Academy (SLINTEC Academy), has taken the initiative of introducing a Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Degree Programs in Nano and Advanced Technology with the aim to provide high quality post graduate education to those interested in this field in Sri Lanka. The proposed full time research M.Phil. degree will also have a course unit component. SLINTEC Academy will function as a non-state, not-for-profit post graduate degree provider in technology.

Nanotechnology and other advanced technologies are fast growing areas of science and technology which cover the entire spectrum of sciences. They include new materials, coatings, medicine, agriculture, textiles, nutraceuticals, water, food, biotechnology and synthetic biology. Many countries in the world, and particularly countries in the region, and in Sri Lanka, research carried out at the Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC), have invested in these areas with a view to enhancing national development and training of scientists. SLINTEC Academy is poised introduce post graduate education through research and innovation by harnessing on the successes of SLINTEC

SLINTEC Academy M.Phil./Ph.D. students also have the opportunity to conduct their own research, from design right through to experimentation, data gathering using state of the art instruments ranging from Scanning Electron Microscope, Transmission Electron Microscope among a plethora of high end equipment, data analysis and publishing research papers in high impact journals. In addition, students will do research relevant to the industry, and therefore will closely work with research counterparts from the industry.

Carrying out research at such close proximity to the industry will maximise the chances of research moving into development and eventually to commercialisation. SLINTEC has the full capacity to offer the proposed M.Phi./Ph.D. degree programmes which has high quality course content, effective delivery modes, industry related research and evaluation methods employing a highly a competent and motivated team of professionals. Thus, the proposed M.Phil./Ph.D. degree program will train research talent in Sri Lana while serving the research needs of the industry at the same time.

It is envisaged that those who obtain the M.Phil degree will either work within the Sri Lankan industry or go on to do their Ph.D. in the best universities in the world. Those who do their Ph.D. will either do research in the industry or join the academia or go to universities abroad for post-doctoral training.