Nanotechnology & Science Park

Nanotechnology and science park is a 48 acres of serene landscape provided for the country’s science and innovation. SLINTEC is one of the tenants of this park whereas, the other successful tenants within the park are managed by SLINTEC. The ultimate aim is to bring together the world’s best minds in science and fuse them together with the finest technology in pursuit of outstanding research and development.

SLINTEC provides all of its clients with access to highly qualified scientists and engineers. Our team is made of up some of the best minds in various industries, all working towards improving processes, systems, and products.

The park provides tools and resources for the innovative researchers to bring up novel products from scratch to commercialization stage. Furthermore, SLINTEC helps the tenants to research, develop and finally scale up to commercialization stage.

We are currently leasing out parts of the park under long-term ground rental options. For more information please get in touch with us today.

Sunanda Gunasekara

Head of Technical Services and Infrastructure Management

sunandaG@SLINTEC.lk / biz_dev@SLINTEC.lk
011 465 0504 / 077 357 2642
+94 114 650 535
+94 114 650 517
Mahenwatte, Pitipana, Homagama