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SLINTEC-Multilac Novid® Antibacterial Antiviral Spray

Multilac-SLINTEC Novid spray, with its unique anti-viral technology, rids your surroundings of viruses upon contact with surfaces. Once applied, the coating also eradicates bacteria on the surfaces as well as in the surrounding air, always purifying the air around you from bacteria and other microbes, and keeping you safe.

Surface preparation and application
• Shake well prior to use.
• Spray the surface with product and spread using brush provided
• Surface must be clean and dry before use
• Recoat surface every 45 days for long lasting protection

Atlas Antibacterial Stationery Collection (co-developed with SLINTEC)

Antibacterial Exercise Books, Practical Books, Drawing Books and Pens

XpressDNA Blood Mini Kit
By MagGenome in collaboration with SLINTEC

Quantity : 25 Reactions

Instruction Manual

Custom Peptide Synthesis

    Spinable Multi walled carbon nano tubes (SMWCNT) – forest

    Dimensions: 2 x 4 cm2 on quartz substrate

    RAMAN – (IG / ID) ≈ 3

      Multi walled carbon nano tubes (MWCNT) – powder form (non-spinnable)

      CNT by CVD method