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“KingCo” – a game-changing eco-dye tech!

SLINTEC, teaming up with Prasara Washing , proudly presents “KingCo” – a game-changing eco-dye tech! ♻️ Our brilliant minds have harnessed the power of discarded King Coconut Husk, paving the way for a textile industry revolution! 🌍 This groundbreaking tech is not just a concept – it’s already out there, ready to make waves! 💪 Plus, it’s scalable, with ample raw materials right here in our country! 🇱🇰 Big-name brands are buzzing with interest, eager to join forces with us! 🤝 Our event at Jaic Hilton Colombo on Jan 31st was a huge success! Stay tuned for more updates on this eco-friendly innovation! 🌟 #KingCo #EcoFriendlyFashion #TextileRevolution