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Hon. Namal Rajapaksa M.P. endorses Breathtech-S3 – the smart sensor integrated face mask developed and produced in Sri Lanka


The Official launch of the BreathTech-S3 smart face mask was ceremonially held on the 19th of July at The Sports Council Auditorium under the patronage of Minister of Youth & Sports and State Minister of Digital Technology and Enterprise Development; Hon. Namal Rajapaksa M.P.
Developed in Sri Lanka by SLINTEC, Hirdaramani Group, and CirQ Technologies, BreathTech-S3 is a smart face mask made of cellulose based and biodegradable materials that features a proprietary graphene sensor which measures breathing rate, mask fit and carbon dioxide build up and provides notifications via a mobile app informing wearers of potential risk marker. BreathTech-S3 masks were also recently handed over to Team Sri Lanka heading for the Tokyo2020 Olympic Games.
Breathtech-S³ is the world’s first sustainably designed smart face mask to use respiration sensor technology. BreathTech-S3 monitor the wearer’s respiratory rate in real time, ensures the mask fit and minimal leakage using real-time fit assessment technology.
BreathTech-S3 sensor material (sensing element) interacts with the components in exhaled breath and changes its electrical properties. These changes are then picked up by the electronic circuitry in the communication module, which uses Bluetooth to transfer the data to a specialized App and then interpret information to user by state-of-the-art signal processing and machine learning algorithms.
BreathTech-S3 is capable of alerting the wearer via a smart phone app in a situation where the safety of the mask wearer is compromised due to a loosened mask or a saturated filtering layer. Moreover, the sensor indicates the CO2 build up in the mask and when to take a fresh breath.
The sensor is fabricated based on a printable Graphene ink derived from Sri Lankan Graphite, a novel and a unique sensor fabrication technology pioneered by years of research and development at SINTEC by scientists which leads to a very high sensitivity and a significant reduction in manufacturing cost.
Stylish fit and sleek design warrants style and comfort with superior technology ensuring protection to the wearer.
Made with 100% cellulose based and biodegradable materials the mask has a truly sustainable footprint with the added benefit of responsible disposal instructions given in the app. This reduces the use of disposable mask usage and accumulation of mask waste globally. The masks are manufactured in environmentally friendly factories and come in biodegradable packaging.
The mask incorporates a highly efficient filtration layer and also features a fluid anti-bacterial barrier for added protection. With real time fit assessment alerts BreathTech-S³ minimizes aerosol and droplet ingress as well as leakage for improved overall safety.
A spokesperson for the three companies collaborating to deliver this innovative product stated, “We are truly proud to be able to provide these masks to our athletes, in the knowledge that this 100% Sri Lankan product will provide them with an optimal level of safety and protection as they represent our country on a global platform.”
Minister of Youth & Sports and State Minister of Digital Technology and Enterprise Development; Hon. Namal Rajapaksa M.P., SLINTEC, Hirdaramani Group and CirQ Technologies wish team Sri Lanka the best of luck.