Particle Size Analysis - Micro Range

FRITSCH Analysette 22 Particle Size Analyser

The Fritsch Analysette 22 MicroTec Plus is a Laser Particle Size Analyser that can detect particle sizes within the range of 0.08-2000 µm. With the utilization of two lasers and a detector that is capable of capturing 108 measuring channels, the Analysette 22 MicroTec plus provides high precision and resolution for its measurements. Out of the two lasers, a semiconductor laser with a green light is used for the measurement of lower particle size range whereas an infrared semiconductor laser is used for the measurement of the upper particle size range. Due to these 2 lasers, the instrument is able to detect particle sizes within a wide range. The instrument allows simple operation consisting of customizable dispersion and measurement processes. The analysis times are short, allowing a large number of samples to be analysed within a small period of time and the high precision of the instrument leads to consistently reproducible and reliable results.


The instrument consists of a wet dispersion unit, measurement cell and liquid circulation system. During the wet dispersion procedure, the samples are added to a closed circuit filled with an appropriate liquid. This mixture is then pumped continuously through a measuring cell which enables the measuring of particle size following illumination by the lasers. Ultrasonication is conducted during the sample dispersion process to break down agglomerates which is known to ensure accuracy and repeatability of the measurement. While introducing samples to the instruments, the beam obscuration for the sample is shown so that the errors due to multiple scattering can be minimized.


• Wide measurement range (0.08-2000 µm)
• Minimizes errors due to the presence of agglomerations
• Material flexibility from powders to emulsions


• Materials that either get dissolved or react with water cannot be analysed
• Solvent system (water) cannot be changed
• No control over measurement temperature


Particle size analysis can be used in areas such as
• Quality control
• Process material evaluation
• Research and development (Some of the industries/products that may be benefitted by particle size analysis are given below):
     o Inks and pigments
     o Ceramics
     o Soils and sediments

Technical Specifications

• Measurable range is 0.08-2000 µm
• Dual laser technology: Green laser (λ = 532 nm), IR laser (λ = 940 nm)