Optical Microscopy

Olympus BX51 and BX61 Optical Microscopes

Optical microscopy allows small features of a sample to be analysed in detail. The technique can be further used for initial examination and characterisation of samples to plan the next steps of experiments or to confirm observations before proceeding to more detailed investigations. The Olympus BX51 and BX61 optical microscopes are upright optical microscopes that can be used to routine inspection to sophisticated analysis.

Olympus BX51

The BX51 is a polarising microscope with high performance, in polarised light. The microscope is built with the universal infinity system (UIS) that supports better contrast and resolution, an expanded field of view, and excellent images. The Olympus BX51 system allows magnifications up to 1000x. The equipment is adaptable to meet the changing needs of a research environment.

Olympus BX61

The Olympus BX61 system facilitates automated inspection and analysis of microscopic details. Motorised focus system that interfaces with a laser-based autofocus unit result in active focus tracking, faster inspections and more easily reproducible. The BX61 system allows magnifications up to X1000 along with other observation modes such as fluorescence microscopy, darkfield microscopy and polarising microscopy. The system mounted CCD cameras provides high-resolution viewing and fast image transfer. The BX61 also utilises the UIS2 optics system.


Lower magnification and resolution power compared to electron microscopy.


Qualitative and quantitative characterization of samples. Failure analysis of various samples. Analysis of biological samples using fluorescence and dark field microscopy.