SLINTEC Building Structure 1500x110-04

Other Techniques

Internal Mixer

Available instruments:

Haake Polylab OS – Rheomix 600

Parameter Value
Chamber capacity – with rotors
60 cm3
Max. torque
160 Nm
Max. Speed
250 rpm
Temp. control
Electrical heating with air cooling
Max. Temperature
400 Celsius
Motor power
4 kW
Control thermocouples
Melt temperature thermocouples

Please contact AASL for more information on sample submission.


Available instrument: EKTRON TEK– 2000s Moving Die Rheometer

Sample acceptance and analysis

At least 20 g of sample is required for analysis and the testing temperature and testing time have to be defined by the Customer.

Please contact AASL for more information on sample submission.

Hardness Meter

Available Shore A hardness for Rubber.

Available instruments: Bareiss Digitest

Sample acceptance and analysis

Maximum sample thickness: 20 mm 

Tensile Testing

The instrument offers a testing rate range between 0.01-1000 mm/min along with a force capability of 5 kN.

Available instruments: Instron 3365 Tensile Tester.

Cutter 1 (small) – 4mm (D), 8mm (C), 18mm (B) and 65mm (A) (Cutter Type – EP 04/ISO 37-3, Max thickness of sample – 4 mm)

Cutter 2 (large) – 6mm (D), 25mm (C), 35mm (B) and 120mm (A) (Cutter Type – EP 04/ISO 37-1, Max thickness of sample – 4 mm)

PSA and Zetasizer

This could be used to measure particle size and Zeta potential.

  1. Particle size range: 0.6 nm – 6 µm
  2. Size range for Zeta potential: 5 nm – 10 µm

Available instrument: Malvern Zetasizer Nano zs

Sample acceptance and analysis

Sample should be a stable suspension and less poly dispersed.

Ideally the particles should be spherical in shape.

Sample quantity required: 10 ml of the dispersion.

Since further dilutions may be required, 5-10 ml of the pure solvent used to make the dispersion will also be required.

Organic solvents are limited/restricted. Please contact the laboratory before analysis.

BET analysis

Available instrument: : Quantachrome autosorb iq analyser with ASiAwin software.

Sample acceptance and analysis

The sample must be fully dry and in powder or pellet form, and at least 200 mg is necessary.
The sample must be accompanied by information on the degassing temperature and degassing time.