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Delegation from MAC Holdings (Private) Limited Visits SLINTEC

Delegation from MAC Holdings (Private) visited Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology Pvt. Ltd. (SLINTEC) premises on 28th October 2022, for a discussion focused on supporting the renewable energy storage technologies being researched and developed by SLINTEC.
The team from MAC Holdings (Private) Limited consisted of Fumio Otani (Chairman), Andre Fernando (Managing Director), Shevan de Simon (Director, Projects & Investment) and Hisham Yusuf Sally ((Director, Innovation and Technology) discussed the areas of battery technologies for renewable energy storage, potential collaboration and R & D activities. SLINTEC team of management including @Dr.Nareshkumar B. Handagama (CEO), Dr. Lakshitha Pahalagedara (Head of Business Development), Eugene Maheshi Fernando (Assistant Manager – Business Development) and Irandi Munasinghe (Intern– Business Development) were present at the discussion.           
SLINTEC team headed by Dr. Nareshkumar B. Handagama emphasized the need of the hour, especially in harnessing the power of renewable energy sources and the capabilities of organizations like SLINTEC to create highly efficient and cost-effective energy storage technologies and drive innovation. SLINTEC, with its science and support personnel along with sophisticated laboratories, analytical instruments and infrastructure facilities, has the capability of research and development in this area.  
MAC Holdings Private Limited is a market leader in Global Logistics, Total Transportation Solutions, Hospitality and Leisure Services, with a commitment towards providing innovative and customized solutions from a single source. One of the group’s primary business areas is renewable energy and strategic investments on which, future collaborations with SLINTEC would be entailed.  

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